Friday, October 31, 2008

what not to wear ... sabina style

so last night i got the chance to help a friend go clothes shopping. she has a hard time finding things and wanted to get some "girly" looking clothes for this potential meeting with a fellow she met online. originally, my 16yo daughter was going to go with us, but my friend and i got kind of rowdy (ok, well mostly it was me) and sammy decided to stay home. probably a good thing.

my friend Sharon is a hoot. i love her dearly and she's a sister in the faith -- so its a rad kind of relationship. we can be so serious and talking spiritual stuff one minute and discussing our issues with men and laughing our heads off the next. at any rate, i was flattered that she asked me to help her -- because frankly, i don't do "girly". i wear jeans and t-shirts most days and even when i go for an interview i wear dress pants and nothing "frilly". and something u need to know about Sharon is that her nickname is littlebity -- she's short... so i'm sure its not easy for her to find things that fit (like don't hang to the ground).

so we went to this store where the manager, Heather, is like a riot. i go there because i have a card there and i get all sorts of deals because of it -- but i also go there because they have clothes that fit my misses/plus-sized body and Heather is a riot -- no seriously, i mean i like going there because Heather is a riot!! she makes the whole painful to me shopping experience a lot of fun. she jokes around and she's very good at making ppl feel at ease. evidently, Sharon likes to shop there for the same reasons.

at any rate, as we walked around Sharon would pull things off the rack and put them back and i would pull them off the rack after her, until i had an armful of things for her to try on. she was fussing about it, but truly if u don't try stuff on, u'll never know what it looks like on u. because things u might dislike on the hanger, might be the perfect thing for u. and of course, i was trying to remember all the "what not to wear" rules i've learned the last couple of years. and in the end, Sharon found a lot of really cute tops to wear and saved a bundle of money (due to sales and coupons and such). and we had a great time laughing and trying things on -- and Heather was her usual riot self. and its probably a good thing that sammy didn't go along coz she would have been rolling her eyes and all embarrassed at our behavior.

oh -- i also picked up a job application .... hee hee

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Diane ~ said...

Hi! what a fun posting! I was just going to "tag" for my Sunflower Songs blog, when I saw further down your blog you already had been twice! I'm in the same boat my second taggin in 2 weeks. Anyway, you have a great blog!! ♥