Friday, October 24, 2008


i hate dreaming because i never know how to interpret the dreams. i mean r the things that happen in dreams significant or not.

lately, i've had a lot of weird dreams and i figure papa is trying to tell me something, i just can't figure out what. a couple of days ago when i first got sick, i went back to bed for a while and dreamed i was in japan without a passport and wondering how i got into japan without the passport and how i was going to get back to my country without the passport. i then spent the rest of the dream time trying to figure out the best way to get my passport which was on the kitchen table at home. only in real life -- my passport is in a lock box and the passport that is on the kitchen table is my daughter's. so go figure -- what does it mean.

last night (still sick) i dreamed i was somewhere where for the last two years i've wanted to go. and it was like i knew every square inch of the place and knew where every thing and everybody was located. and then suddenly i was in the church next to my kids' first school, and a friend i hadn't seen for a while was there and their mom -- turns out -- was working at the school and when i was hollering at them to get their attention they ignored me. then this guy from the CSI show i had watched last night was there and he was tripping over me to get to them and they paid attention to him and kept ignoring me and i was like -- ok, fine, w/e. its dumb, i know.

some ppl believe that dreams try to tell u something about urself and things in ur past or present or future and that ur supposed to pay close attention to them. other ppl think that dreams happen when ur spirit leaves ur body for a while and "travels" -- yeah -- ok, but were those other ppl in my dream traveling to my dream?? i kinda doubt that. still others just think that dreams r dreams and nothing more. idk what to think because there have been plenty of times when i've dreamed about stuff and then its come true somewhere down the line -- or its like an indicator of something that's about to change in my life.

if papa is trying to tell me something with these latest dreams -- idk what it is. and i'm too sick to really try and analyze it or care for that matter ....

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