Tuesday, October 21, 2008

etsyBEAD Team Theme Sales Specials

i joined a couple of teams when i first joined etsy to help promote my little jewelry business and to get advice from other beaders. one of them is the etsyBEAD Team. every two weeks they have these themes for sales specials. the last two weeks were "Changing Colors". the next two weeks r "Mad About Metals". these bi-weekly themes have special sale prices on them. mine r 10% off and free shipping for each second or more item purchased at the same time (and the second item doesn't have to be one of the sales specials!). this EBTW sale runs from Sunday 10/19 through Saturday 11/1. check back often as our street team members may add new items throughout the week! here's the link to the search for all EBTW (etsyBEAD Theme Week) specials by the etsyBEAD Team members (including me!). happy shopping!!

etsyBEAD theme of the week item search

here's the link to my EBTW items:

Angelic Adornments EBTW Sale Items

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