Friday, October 17, 2008

my favorite piece

so last night (late) i sold one of my favorite pieces of jewelry on etsy. it was such a favorite that i made it my avatar. since it was a OOAK piece, i took down the avatar and put up my next favorite as my new avatar.

at any rate, i love this piece for two reasons -- the colors r eye-popping and the design was like RIGHT THERE when i was creating it. i mean -- bam, there it is. i'm excited because its the first large piece i've sold on etsy and after the word my friend gave me yesterday, i wondered what she knew that i didn't. along with the word about the writer's conference, she gave me a word about my jewelry. when she came in she asked about the jewelry (because i was working on editing some photos for etsy of new things i'd made) and i said, "well, it isn't selling" to which she replied "don't worry, it soon will be". i was like ok -- i'm glad ur so sure of this because i'm not.

so how wonderful does it feel when i go online to check everything before i go to bed last night and see that i've sold a piece of jewelry right after she's been here and given me that word. papa is very very good ...

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