Thursday, October 23, 2008

so today i decided to sell my wedding dress on etsy. my daughter can't wear the dress (frankly she's got more on top than i have now) and i'm not sure i have the ability to rework it for her. so it seemed like a good thing to do to sell it and use the money to pay a bill or two. getting photos of it that showed the detail were interesting. etsy only allows five photos -- but i took like 8 or 9 and i could send them to anyone who is interested.
i'm kinda sad that my sammy can't wear the dress -- but really, when she does get married, i'm sure she'll have her own style and wouldn't want something that was my style anyhow. i know that when i got married, if my mom had still had her wedding dress, i would have probably wanted to wear it. my mom didn't have a traditional dress because they had a small family wedding in 1944 and her dress was street length. but i am such a sap for that hand-me-down vision, that had she had one, i would have wanted to wear it.
at any rate, here's the link if anyone is looking for a wedding dress to wear as it is or to rework it. at this point, i'd dicker on the price just because i need the cash badly. lol who would have thought that me, the sap for hand-me-down traditions would be selling their wedding dress on etsy!! lol too funny where we've come from ....

My Wedding Dress For Sale on Esty

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