Thursday, October 16, 2008

interviews and open house at school

u would think that after years of working in high level places that i would not have an issue with going on an interview. but there is something about interviewing that just sets off that panic button in me.

so today i have an interview. its for a job -- a real-life paying job -- not like the job i've had for the last four years (where i was co-owner of a store and only got $100 a week after four years of operating it). this is a job with a real hourly wage. so i'm nervous about the interview. its not the first interview i've ever had (obviously), but its the first interview i've had in a really really long time with an actual employer. the last two interviews i had recently were with an employment agency and a large hospital nearby that makes u jump through like 3 preliminary interview hoops before u actually get to interview with the ppl for which u'll be working. so this interview today -- is the real deal. i thought i was prepared. i'm feeling like i'm not. imagine that!

to another topic, my daughter's school had their open house last night. this is like the umpteenth open house at this school that i've attended, since my son went there as well. i got to meet her teachers. some seemed really pulled together -- others seemed uncomfortable to be standing up there in front of us and still others had a sort of cocky know-it-all attitude about them. i got to see how some of them interacted with my daughter, since she went along. students weren't required to come and many didn't -- but my children always did.

they have instituted this thing called a parental portal. its a web access for parents to see how their children r doing in school on a regular basis rather than waiting for progress reports and report cards. i think its a great idea. my daughter is not thrilled. mind, she has nothing to hide because her grades this year (and most of last year) have been impeccable -- unlike her freshman year. she's a pretty conscientious student (as was her brother for most of his school career). and she's mad at the school for instituting this parental portal. she thinks it invasive. ok -- maybe it is -- but unlike a lot of the parents of some of her friends at school, i care about my child and want to take an active role in stopping a problem before it becomes a real problem. that makes me an oddity of sorts -- in an uncomfortable sort of way. too bad -- its what i learned from watching my parents and its what i think constitutes good parenting. she'll just have to deal.

so now i'm off to finish off some cell phone charms and knitting stitch markers to put up on etsy that i started yesterday and then i'll get ready for the interview. wish me luck ....

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