Monday, October 27, 2008

a plug for Pushing Daisies

i don't usually talk about what i watch on tv because frankly, even though there is lots of "stuff" on tv to watch, there isn't much i do watch. most of the time its a cooking show -- i love the show about Charm City Cakes in Baltimore because i used to decorate cakes and its near my old stomping grounds. but there is ONE show on a major network that i have come to love and that's Pushing Daisies. its about this guy who has the ability to bring ppl back to life for a minute -- any longer and someone else dies as he found out when he was a child and brought his mom back to life only to have the father of the girl across the street (that he secretly crushed on) drop dead. long story -- years later Chuck (as she is affectionately known as) ends up murdered and u guessed it, Ned brings her back to life. now they spend their time waking the dead to help a local PI investigate murders. of course there is this attraction between Ned and Chuck, but they can never touch or she will die again. so its the classic love struggle thing.
so y am i telling u all this -- to get u to watch it -- because the writing (dialog) is phenomenal. the first season it was interrupted by the writers' strike. now in its second season the viewership is down a bit -- who knows y -- and of course, for any show on the major networks, its all about the numbers (which is dumb, but w/e). if u watch this show and appreciate good writing, u'll like this show. and its quirky and funny and honestly, it just good fun. its on wed. nights (8pm EST) on ABC. check it out! ok -- commercial done...

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Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

It sounds like a really cool show! I'll have to check it out. T.hanks for the info