Thursday, October 30, 2008

cold weather and crocheting ....

ok, just so u know -- i hate the cold weather -- i'm not fond of snow unless i'm inside and i don't have to shovel or drive anywhere in it. unfortunately, i live in NH -- and 6 months out of 12 we have cold weather and a good many of those have snow. and when i talk about cold i mean like 30 below zero with a wind chill factor making it feel like its 50 below. u go outside and instantly the hairs in ur nose freeze. its just brutal...

so when the cold weather comes, i bring out the knitting and crocheting. yeah -- i'm a jack of all trades and master of none. but the thing is that crocheting is one of the first crafts i learned how to do as a kid. my mom taught me. and i've been making afghans for as long as i can remember. last year i started a granny square one. i probably have 3/4 of the squares i need to finish it. but when i get tired of doing one thing, i pick up another kind of yarn and make something completely different.

where am i going with this -- well, it was snowing here (flurries) yesterday, and my daughter had decided a couple of days before that she wanted one of those round knitting tools and started making some hats on her own. because we were looking around in my stash (yeah, u read that right), i pulled out some yarn and made some scarves. today i put them up on etsy. because i decided that i want to make my shop for jewelry and accessories. so go check them out at
Angelic Adornments

on that same note, i'm trying to decide if i want to set up a new shop with the Angelic Adornments name. i sort of already did, but i didn't move anything (costly) and i'd lose what feedback i have. but etsy has this weird thing that when u sign up ur username becomes ur shop name. i'm not the only person who misunderstood this and has ended up with a shop name that has nothing to do with their business name. but there are a lot of logistics involved in moving stuff to a new shop -- i think of all the places i have it listed as it is now and it makes me cringe. so i'm thinking i will just leave it the way it is for now and maybe some time in the future when i have more money (and time), i'll move it.

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