Saturday, November 1, 2008


its sat. and my daughter is off with her dad and i'm doing laundry and working on some things. i just finished a new scarf -- its called queen anne's lace and i did this one in soft white red heart yarn. it looks almost like snowflakes -- which seems rather appropriate for the weather that is coming. i would list it on etsy, but evidently the category and items searches r "down" -- so i'll wait till things get fixed again. i had 399 ppl look at my wedding dress on etsy due in very large part to the thread about it. one person questioned the listing because it was neither vintage nor handmade (according to them). well, they got the not handmade part right, but it is over 20 years old (which is etsy's criteria for vintage) and its even over 25 years old which is the criteria for antique in the real world. and since etsy allows vintage, idk that there is a problem anywhere in there.

i've been thinking a lot about ways to increase my sales off etsy and drive more ppl to my etsy shop as well. its a lot of work. i need to redesign my business cards and make some labels for packaging purposes. i should be working on that but here i sit, writing this blog. i also picked up two estimates on thurs. that i need to count. but the motivation just isn't there.

i scared away two Obama campaigners from my door. this is the second time they have come to my door. frankly, if mccain ppl came i would probably scare them away, too. i'm not overly thrilled with either candidate right now and i'm not sure for whom or even if i will vote this time around. isn't that exercising my constitutional right to withhold my vote from ppl i think rn't the right person for the job. at this point, after listening to all the ads on tv -- i'm more inclined to think Mickey Mouse would be a better choice. i know i shouldn't voice these sentiments and i'll probably get grief from someone for saying the things i do. but i'm nothing, if not honest... my feeling right now is that i will pray that papa god steps in and takes control because without papa god -- we're all doomed. that's one thing i am really sure about!

i was reading linda's blog the other day and she cited James 1:2-3. i had to go back and reread it -- its actually underlined in my bible. however, i've underlined all the way through 8 because i feel that strongly about it. i'm trying to keep the joy in my heart even though the rent is late and i'm staring at a stack of bills and the laundry detergent is running out and we have no milk in the fridge. i know that papa is growing me through this -- i was made for such a time as this... and it will help me later when things get rough. papa has kept me from throwing a fit or crying my eyes out or running away -- i know without him through all of this i would probably be locked up somewhere. thankfully his mercies r new every day and he knows all our needs -- even before we do -- and meets them.

i think on that positive note, i'll go back to the laundry and start working on my business cards. blessings to u all.

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