Wednesday, October 15, 2008

another day ....

so yesterday i got a call from this employment agency that i signed up with a couple of weeks ago. i had to take an online typing test (which i'm sure i didn't do nearly as well as i should have) and a grammar/spelling test (which i probably did well on). at any rate, they had called me last week to tell me about this job and its parameters and since it met most of my criteria (ie, part time, secretarial/receptionist, using skills i know well with computer programs i know well, decent pay, close by), i said i was interested in being submitted for the job. so yesterday they called me to say that the ppl would like to interview me and could i come on thurs. at 10.

i was scheduled to go to another employment agency on thurs. at 8:30 to sign up with them. they said that the process would take about 2 hours. in thinking about how this wasn't going to work, i made a decision -- to go for the job interview and postpone the sign up process with the other agency. i mean, if i got the job, it would be a moot point to be signed up with another agency anyhow. so i called the second agency and ask them to reschedule me. straight forward enough? not really -- turns out they had me down for 12:30 as the appt. time even though the woman had written 8:30 on my card. i just shook my head as i got off the phone because if i had followed through with the time on the card, i would have been 4 hours early for my appt. and i think i'm mixed up....

in the meantime, i've been reading with interest about the issues that etsy has been having regarding their search engine and the new CTO they hired to fix them. whether the issues will be ironed out before the holiday shopping begins or not is to be seen. but a friend of mine recently went to a jewelry party where the woman made OOAK polymer clay necklaces and then sold them for $25 each (or buy three and get one free). my friend bought 6 of them. she suggested i get a friend to host a jewelry party for me. its not that i'm new to this because i did this when i was making doll clothes. its that i'm not sure how this will work for me as many of my items r priced differently according to the cost of the materials used. since she's using all polymer clay in each necklace, their production cost must be relatively the same. whereas, i'm using different beads made from varying materials at varying costs. idk -- i think its something i'm going to have to give a good deal of thought to. someone else who has an etsy account wrote a blog about how to creatively promote ur business and suggested creating a group at facebook for "followers". i might do that but it seems like just one more thing to manage.

oh well, i'm sure papa god will show me a clear path for this if he wants me to continue doing it.

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