Wednesday, October 29, 2008

teens ...

there r a lot of things i'm learning about teens. its never a good idea to ask a teen to take out the recycling on their way to the bus stop. honestly, its only about 12 feet from the front door (if that) and the bus stop is down the road and around the corner so nobody is going to see her actually doing it, but don't bother asking because u'll get the "what am i supposed to do with it" mouthing off and then u get the eye-rolling and sighing. u'd think she never has to take out the recycling -- oh yeah, that's right, she never does. just like she never helps to sort it either, and doesn't bother to take the labels and bottle tops off the cans and bottles she uses and throws in there.

don't bother asking a teen what they want for breakfast either -- they don't eat breakfast -- and if u try to force them, they give u grief about it. its just not worth the hassles.

actually, its not worth the hassles for a lot of things -- like asking them to help to do the dishes (or at the very least, run some water over that plate or in that cup they throw in the sink), take out the trash, clean their rooms, and god forbid that u should ask them to bring u their dirty laundry so that u can wash, dry and fold it for them -- especially if they r in the middle of watching some stupid video on

yeah, i'm learning that its just easier sometimes to do this stuff urself than to ask a teen to do it.


Lily said...

Ah-- but it's worth the battle. When you ask a teenager to do things around the house, they WILL roll their eyes at you. That's just a fact. But they will also learn how to wash dishes, learn how much work goes into taking care of a household and it will make them better adults. They won't appreciate how much work you go to-- because that is just not in the nature of a teenager, and they will resent it, but you're raising a young adult who will one day be on her own. Taking out the recycling may not seem like it teaches her anything, but at the very least maybe she'll learn to share a little part of the work load.

Of course, as I type this I am looking at my living room, which I asked one of my two teenagers to clean up last night, since she had left an art mess on the coffee table. I didn't follow through to make sure she did it, and --well-- she didn't. So I'm writing this to myself as well. LOL

Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

Hey girl! :0)you've been tagged! You can read about it at my blog and play along if you want to.

I've GOT to tell you what my teens are up to lately, maybe it'll make you feel better! lol



BINA said...

i always give great advice to others and then realize i'm really preaching to myself -- lol. i'm fighting against not just my daughter's attitude, but her father's as well. sometimes it just reminds me of how much he lets the kids get away with and y would they want to be with mom when she's always making them do responsible things?? lol
thank u for the reminder about y i'm doing this though because sometimes when she gives me attitude, i need to be reminded not to let go -- which would be easy .... blessings to u and the livingroom!! lol
and frieda i can't wait to hear ur stories!! lol