Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a good blessings day!

so sometimes at the local grocery store they have what r called "manager's specials". its usually in the meat, although there r sometimes other things that get marked down. and i tend to look for them when i can because like today -- they had two pork chops for $4.99 and i got $2.00 off -- and if i chop that up in a can of sauerkraut in the crock pot that will feed sammy and i for probably two meals. and they had some ground pork that was $2.00 off about the same price -- and i mixed it with an egg, some bread crumbs, garlic, salt, pepper and fennel seed and made 8 patties -- which is enough for four meals for sammy and i coz they r big. so i feel like accomplished some bargains today -- i should call them blessings.

i also got some free brita water pitcher filters. there is this thing called freecycle -- its an online board where ppl can post things they want to get rid of -- always free (thus, the "free" in the name). i belong to two of them -- two different towns. well this guy had posted them and i somehow missed them the first time and so i emailed him and said if the other person didn't show to lmk because i would come and get them. and the other person didn't show. so i drove out there and its a new box -- 6 total. we're set for a little while now. its great because i can't buy bottled water (no money) and i hate the taste of our tap water, so i just filter it. so there was another blessing.

i figured out that i'm probably going to make maple pumpkin butter for christmas gifts. i have the jars and lids for canning them, and all the spices. i just need the canned pumpkin (and i think i have one can in my cupboard) and some apple cider (which is prevalent this time of year) and a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup -- which shouldn't be too hard to come by. so yeah ....

the other blessings i got today came from the "veggie man". there is a group here called willing hands who goes around in this truck and collects produce and bread from the local stores -- this is stuff that is usually not in such great shape and they can't sell it so they donate it and then the wiling hands ppl come to all the low income housing places and distribute it. so there were two really nice avacados (which usually they r in really bad shape) and apples (all kinds -- makes the best applesauce in the world!) and a loaf of pane bread and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. i also got three really nice bananas. today was a good "veggie man" day. blessings all.

so all in all, today was a good blessings day!!


Lily said...

What a wonderful day! God is watching out for you! I know when you're broke, it sometimes seems that our Heavenly Father has forgotten us (I know b/c I'm soooo there right now), but His blessings do come, and God has a great memory-- He knows what each of us needs- even if it's an avacado. LOL

BINA said...

tis very true -- now if he could just remember that i need rend money i'd be all set!! lol
actually, i'm so very grateful for the little things. i went to a food bank today and while i was there the woman asked me if i wanted to be referred for a thanksgiving holiday dinner and i said yes and then she asked whether we wanted a chicken or a turkey -- so i had a choice. and they had paper towels at the food bank -- and i have been out for weeks but haven't had the cash to justify buying them (milk and eggs being needed first). so i'm really being blessed in the food dept. these days.