Tuesday, October 14, 2008

getting turned down

so, i just got an email from project wonderful saying that my site doesn't meet their criteria for having an ad space -- that the reason it was turned down was because there wasn't enough content here. i guess because i don't write a blog a day and have 30 blogs, i don't qualify.

lately, this has been the story of my life. i don't qualify for jobs i used to be a shoe-in for and now i don't even qualify for consideration for a stupid blog ad. it kind of makes u wonder, what, if anything, i'm qualified for. like -- am i worth anything??

the other day my daughter and i were having a discussion and i explained to her that after i stopped being a secretary and working in the real world to have children, i concentrated my life around being a wife and a mom. now that i'm no longer a wife (long story), and one of my children is grown (20) and the other will soon be going off to college (16), i feel like have no useful purpose in this world. its ridiculous, but its basically the way things have turned for me.

so, in an effort to keep my finances above water (so to speak), i decided to start looking for a real job in the real world, only to discover that the secretarial work i used to do is no longer something that is needed -- that's its much more extensive and guess what, i'm not qualified. don't think that wasn't a real shocker. because i've kept up all my typing and computer skills. one would think i could get a job. but that doesn't seem to be the case, so here i sit.

and evidently making jewelry doesn't count as a real job and evidently i'm not very good at that either because even though tons of ppl say they love my designs and the prices r good, nobody is buying anything. so yeah.... feeling just a little unneeded right now.... something has got to turn around soon.


Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

Hi Sabina,
Hope today is going better for you! I know that you don't know me, nor I you, but I feel we all connect with one another, thru various means, for a specific purpose.
I'm not sure yet why I have the connection with you, but I did want you to know that I care and feel that I'm better for the contact!
This is the 'stuff' of life that our worth is based on; how we interact with others and the influence we generate to those we connect with. I believe your greatest influence on myself is that you've caused me to remember God and include Him in all things that are me. Sometimes, when we become successful or popular, we forget the One that caused these things to happen, and I know this might've come about in another way, but I appreciate that it was through reading your entries that I again found my way.
These sites, like Trunkt!, Project Wonderful, HandmadeFusion, etc... are just there to make people feel
that they only have worth if they're accepted by them on their terms. It's not a 'real' connection like we have with one another and is really not valuable in your life-experience. When the end for each of us comes, our value in life will become clear when we look back and see the others that we've connected to and the value these connections have added to our lives :)
Don't let them get you down - they have no clue on how valuable you really are!!
{{{hugs}}}and love in Christ,

BINA said...

Freida, what a wonderful message. thank u. yeah, i know that being accepted by Project Wonderful is not really life altering, it was just one more blow to an already fragile existence. i just need to let it out and move forward. papa god has taught me that these last few months.
today i go for a job interview at 10am -- so we'll see how it goes. i have a good feeling going into it -- as does a friend of mine -- so perhaps that's a good sign.
i love being connected to ppl -- i always have -- i'm a real ppl person and i tend to build relationships quite easily with others -- even over the internet. i know that one of my strengths lies there. its a gift from papa god.
and i'm glad that u and i have connected. yes we don't know each other on an intimate level yet -- but that will probably come with time. papa brings ppl together for specific reasons. sometimes it takes time to see it bear fruit.
blessings big!

Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

Hey girl, looks like you stay up like me! lol People are always asking about my 2am posts! lol

anyway, have to tell you - I thought you hadn't replied to my comment as I didn't get a notice in my email. Was feeling blue and like I'd overstepped - maybe even made you think I was a stalker or something!lol I get too enthusiastic and scare people off sometimes I think. lol I was very happy a few minutes ago to find out that you did comment back to me! Gosh, I'm such a dummy!
Anyway, prior to that I'd left a comment on your latest post, but I got to thinking about the PW thing - You only(lol) have 22 posts, right? It was my understanding that you would get an auto turndown if you had less than 30 posts, so that's probably why they turned you down about content! =)
I finally had over 30 posts the other day and realized after reading your entry that I'd not gone back and finally applied - I did and was accepted! yay! lol
I felt like such a hypocrite because it seemed my post was way too overjoyed that I did get the nod from them, and just after telling you how unimportant their acknowledgment was! lol
I don't know why it got me so excited, they aren't what make me who I am and I meant what I said - I just got lost in the warmth of feeling like I fit in or 'accepted' somewhere - and that really had nothing to do with it! It was still you guys that make me feel warm, so I'm sorry for that!
I think after you post another 8 or 9 times that you should re-apply - I KNOW you'll get accepted then!
Thank you for your comment back! and many{{{hugs}}}