Monday, November 3, 2008


well i sold the scarf below this morning -- the Queen's Lace One -- its probably a good thing i'm making another -- although the new one will be in snow white. i'm so excited -- i actually sold something after what seems like an huge amount of time since the last item i sold. thank u papa god! u r soooooo good!!

i've also got an order for some bracelet like lengths of beads to attach to watch faces. i'm so excited -- u would think i was a little kid. papa is so very faithful!!! thank u papa!!


Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

Well good Heavens girl!! Congrats!=D
I KNEW that one would sell quick - didn't I say it was breath-taking?!?lol Good for you!
I've been doing well too since I've been working harder on my online presence - maybe that's been beneficial to you as well? =D
The talented shall thrive, only by the Grace of God, for God's Work shows in everything they create - The talent to create beauty IS the blessings from God He bestows on those that trust in Him...
don't ask me where that came from?!? sometimes my fingers type things I can't even understand - do you get it?
Luv ya{{{hugs}}}

BINA said...

that came from god -- don't u know god gives u words too???
thanks for the congrats!!