Wednesday, November 19, 2008

surprised dishwasher!

so pretty much my meeting yesterday was a wash and i'm no more ahead than i was before and if anything, i'm more behind. but w/e. its too hard to discuss here, and maybe i'm not meant to talk to anyone but papa about it.

today is wednesday and its the day that my daughter goes to be with her dad. i get her this weekend and one could argue that i have her just about every night of the week except one so what am i complaining about -- but honestly, i think i hold tighter to her because i never got a grip on her brother.

so last night i would have liked to have stayed put -- coz it was cold and windy out and it was her last night with me before going to her dad's and she was going to make banana bread. but the housing authority has this "cooking night". and sometimes they give us things to take home (like a blender and a glass baking dish with a lid and a really great sharp chopping knife), and there is always food to take home. so i go. not because i need cooking instructions -- because i don't -- i've been cooking on my own for years and i know how to stretch a chicken (which was last night's topic). i mean, i know how to make a roasted chicken meal, and then use the leftovers for chicken salad, chicken noodle soup, chicken suiza (although they made chix enchiladas with cottage cheese and just the thought of that gags me).

at any rate, dd had said i should stay home because i knew how to do that and so i thought about it, until they came knocking at the door. usually, i end up doing a lot of chopping at these things. idk y they think i'm a good chopper or what, but i hate it. so i talked dd into going with me. and then she decided to leave because there really wasn't anything for us to do (except dishes, and we know how much i hate doing that). and she came home to make banana bread (a double batch). i stayed for a little while to chat and was told we would all get chix to take home, but that never appeared and when 8pm rolled around i left with recipes in hand.

i come in the door and dd has not only made the banana bread -- but she's doing the dishes. praise the lord!! i was so happy i didn't have to do them! and she was listening to music on her computer (which she had planted on the counter). she turns to me and says, "washing dishes isn't so bad if ur listening to music, mom. u should try doing it listening to music." to which i replied, "i listen to music all the time on my ipod and its still not fun."

at any rate, this is just rambling. but i was just wanting to rave about the fact that my dd did the dishes -- and this was the long way 'round version ...

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