Thursday, November 20, 2008

owl's this for focusing on what papa is doing ...

so some not so good stuff happening right now -- but i'm not gonna dwell on that and i'll explain in a moment.

but some great stuff happening too. i got an email yesterday evening telling me i was in an Etsy treasury. and then come to find out this morning that i was in two treasuries. they don't last long -- but here's the url's for now.
Treasury One
Treasury Two

its pretty exciting and this is my second and third treasuries on Etsy. both of the treasuries were put together by ladies on the CASTeam that i'm a member of. wonderful bunch of ppl.

so the reason i'm not dwelling on the bad stuff anymore is that i watched this video interview on YouTube that Bill Johnson did and he basically said that we're supposed to concentrate on what Papa has done and is doing and not keep a list of what he hasn't done because that's fuel for unbelief. i really believe its true. so i'm choosing to see the blessings i've been given by Papa and ignore the stuff that hasn't come. someone i know actually keeps a blessings journal -- and writes in it every time she and her family r blessed in some way. very cool!!!

on another note, my dd made this wonderful little soapstone owl in her art class. then her teacher nominated her as one of only a handful of juniors to put it at the local art gallery. her teacher told her that her sculpture is the only one she would have recommended because it was so well done. one drawback was that the art gallery could sell it if dd agreed to that -- but they were taking a 40% commission!! i was like, this is so wrong because she's a high school student and they have to know these kids want to go to college and would need the cash. so i told her that she could sell it if she wanted to, but i'd rather see her keep it because i was her first sculpture in soapstone -- and also because my mom loved owls and it reminds me a lot of her. she can do with it as she pleases but i told her she should consider making something else and entering it to sell. i still think them taking 40% is wrong, but w/e.


Totally Crosses said...

You daughter did a wonderful job on the soapstone owl. I love it. For sure don't sell it. It's too precious♥

ingeniouslycreative said...

Hi Sabina, nice to meet you! I am a member of the CAST team also! Small world!!!!

I have had my art in galleries for over 35 years now and it certainly is not unusual for them to ask for a 40% slice, in fact that is generous considering some ask for 50% or 60%. But, I have to agree that the fact remains that your daughter is young they could give her a break.

All the best to you, I love your blog, very uplifting!!! God bless, Carol