Sunday, November 16, 2008


today is sunday. i like sundays because i get to go be with church (yeah, u read that right -- church is the ppl, not the building). at any rate, it will be a nice change from yesterday.

as u might recall i had dishes and laundry to do. well things got off to an ok start. but then i dropped a glass bottle of make-up foundation into my daughter's laundry basket by accident and it broke -- which made a big mess to the basket and floor. thankfully, i had already removed the clothes -- although now that i think about it, if the clothes had been in the basket the bottle would have been cushioned by them and probably would not have broken. at any rate, i got that cleaned up and decided to just buy her a new laundry basket (they r the cloth mesh kind so cleaning this up was nearly impossible).

while the laundry was going i did the dishes. there were so many of them that i had to put them not only in the drainer, but on a tea towel scattered across my tiny counter. but at least they were done.

after the second load of laundry was finished drying, i went out to the kitchen (where my washer and dryer r) to take the stuff out and put the third load of laundry into the dryer. what i found was a flood from one end of my kitchen all the way over to the outside door. here's the problem, i live in an apt. and my kitchen butts up against another tenants kitchen and if we both do laundry at the same time, one of us (or possibly both of us but since we're on a downward slope its usually me) gets flooded. the drain pipes feed into one major drain pipe, which isn't large enough to handle two washers draining at the same time and so it overflows. usually i try to listen to when she is doing laundry and time mine so that it isn't draining at the same time or not do mine at all until i'm sure she's finished. evidently, the same courtesy is not being afforded to me.

so i spent the next hour or so on my hands and knees cleaning it up with a sponge and a bucket (because i own a swifer mop that is useless in these situations). after i got the majority of it up, i turned on the fan to help dry things out further, but the mat in front of the door is still soaked and i'm not sure what to do with that since its rainy outside so i can't hang it up. the other issue is that it was running out from under my dryer, washer, and stove (since they all sit next to each other). i was alone so its not like i could move them myself and clean it up. what a mess...

on a bright note, i got to talk to someone who is going to the school where i want to go. i wish i could talk to them more in depth, but their time online is limited and there is some history there that i'm not at liberty to talk about right now -- so it makes for a some what awkward chat. and i did manage to go get my daughter a new laundry basket, all the laundry (except the towels) was washed and dried and folded, and i felt some sense of accomplishment. oh and at the end of the day i sold a scarf on etsy. so the day actually ended on a high note thanks to papa. so i will go be with church now and praise his name!!!

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Lily said...

Oh, I am so sorry you had such a mess to clean up! But at least your kitchen floor is really really really clean now!

Praying that tomorrow is better for you!!!