Thursday, September 25, 2008

sticking to what i know ....

so today i made a decision -- well, actually, i made the decision yesterday -- but today i followed through on it. i declined the job offer that was made the other day (the job with the low pay) and i'm stepping out in faith that going back to my roots as a secretary is what papa wants me to do. i'm not going to stop doing my crafts -- because i love doing them -- and ppl have bought my pieces here -- even if they rn't buying them on esty. i'm going to look for other outlets for my pieces.

but i went out and bought myself an interview outfit tonight -- and tomorrow i'm going to the local employment office to interview with them. i spent most of this afternoon putting my resume online and applying for a part time clerical position at the local hospital. idk where any of this will lead. i need the money now -- i don't have two nickels to rub together. but i can make more money working as a secretary than i can in retail and i know that even though it might mean working full time and not having as much time for my 16 yo daughter during a time when i feel she needs me the most, i know that papa will make a way for this to work for me.

things in my life have not been easy -- i've made some really terrible decisions that have not only messed up my life, but my children's as well. sometimes its hard to look back and see all that. but papa has been very faithful, his mercies r new every day -- and i'm so grateful for that. i've made some really wonderful friends -- brothers and sisters in christ -- the last three years and its meant so much to be in relationship with them while coming closer to papa as well. even though i don't have two nickels to rub together -- i'm very very blessed.

so this is -- sticking to what i know!

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