Tuesday, September 23, 2008

now what?????

ok, so i went for the interview and the job is mine if i want it -- but when i came home and asked papa god what i should do i heard "stick to what u know". so what does that mean -- because on the one hand i know nothing and on the other hand i know lots.

the pay isn't great, and i'd need to buy a new wardrobe (which i really don't have the money for). so what should i do. papa really needs to make it clearer because in my spirit, i came away feeling uneasy. but that doesn't necessarily mean i shouldn't take the job -- does it. i really do need to make more money than what was offered. but do i not take the job and take a chance that there is another job out there for me with better pay??? idk

i'm more confused now than i was before .....

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