Monday, September 22, 2008

tired of being sick ....

i've been sick for the better part of 6 days. i hate being sick. being sick means that i don't feel like doing anything. but stuff still needs to be done -- like washing dishes and doing the laundry and cooking, and playing taxi driver. but i want to stay in bed and rest and get better. and it doesn't matter how much zinc, or vitamin c or water i throw into my body -- if i don't get to sleep, i don't get better quickly. it just doesn't happen.

i've had ppl pray over me --- and i have to admit that i do feel better and can at least function -- which is something i can't do most of the time. but i want to do more that just drag my body around -- i want to be well enough to go out and look for a job. after all, i have to pay the bills, the car needs gas, and honestly, i can't take not having an income. so yeah.... i need to get well ... now

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