Tuesday, September 23, 2008

job interview when ur sick

so i have a job interview this morning at 10:30 -- but i'm still sick. i told this to the manager of the store -- but she didn't seem to care -- she said she's around germs all the time. idk what that means, but if i had my way, i'd be staying home and resting. however, that's not how today is going to play out -- it never does. because there r dishes to be done, a child to pick up from school, and estimates to drop off. and somewhere in the midst of all that i have to find a way to put gas in my car. its not that there's no time -- its that there is no money -- but if i want to keep picking up the child from school and dropping off the estimates, i need gas in the car to do that.

so back to the job interview. i keep wondering how i can possibly present the best side of me when i feel like crap -- to put it mildly. and if she offers me the job, then what -- i can't really say oh yeah, i'll start tomorrow -- because i know that by tomorrow i still won't be any better.

but i really need the job and the income and even though this is NOT where i thought i would be in my life when i hit the age of 52 -- its where i am and i have to hold my head up and move forward. yeah ....

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