Friday, January 14, 2011

target ads ....

become a teacher in 1 YR!

become a social worker

check yourself tank top

huge sale! fits pandora

i'm on this other social networking site that will go unnamed coz i feel like it gets enough publicity as it is. at any rate, when u are tooling around the site looking at ur friends' pages up pop these annoying ads, but that are supposed to be "related" to things i've posted or interests i might have expressed to have, etc. and this morning i stopped and paid them some attention. the four listed above were the ones that caught my interest. but not for reasons u might think.

the first two r interesting because i'm currently looking to taking a job working in a daycare for teen moms. i've always been interested in children (babies, toddlers, youth, teens, young adults) and often will be the one adult in the room who gravitates to the youth in the room just to find out how life is treating them and see if there is anything i can be praying about, advice i could give, attention i could pay (u'd be surprised how many teens just want someone to listen to them and pay them some attention -- it makes a world of difference). so it was fascinating that this social networking site would pick up on this.

the latter two ads were puzzling to me. first of all, i'm not young anymore and i'm not shapely and i don't wear tank tops -- so why they would feel like i would be interested in this is beyond me. and the pandora thing, well, that just doesn't interest me at all, although i do make jewelry.

i wonder how they choose which ads to put up for u to see -- who is sitting there making this decision -- or is it all computer generated??? if it is computer generated then where did the idea that i would have an interest in tank tops and pandora bracelets come from? they certainly do NOT know everything they need to know about me ... and that's probably a very good thing ...

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