Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i'm not senile (yet)

so today my daughter has a half day of school. on half days the teachers get together and do some sort of inservice type program. this particular school system has at least one half day every month. i wonder how much they can learn in a couple of hours.

at any rate, six months ago i scheduled a dentist appt. for said daughter. i was given a card with the time of the appt. on it -- 1:45pm. great, i thought, plenty of time to pick her up at school at 12:30 and bring her home to brush her teeth before heading out to the dentist.

a week ago, my ex brought over the reminder card the dentist had sent to him. unfortunately, their computer system doesn't allow for divorces and living in two different houses, but whatever. i've had to deal with the same issues with statements from Blue Cross/Blue Shield going to him for my care (like i want him knowing every little thing about me). but i digress....

i didn't pay much mind to what was written on the reminder card because i had already written down the time on my calendar from the card they had given me, which i'd also kept in my wallet. but two days ago, the dentist's office called me to remind me and said the time was 1:30. i said, no, its 1:45 and she said no, its 1:30 and we could have gone on and on like that forever, but i decided it was stupid and let it drop.

but i'm not stupid and i'm not senile (yet), but in a moment of self-doubt (yeah don't we all have these), i had to go get the card out of my wallet and sure enough -- it said 1:45. so then i looked at the reminder card that was sent to the ex and it said 1:30 and i'm thinking, this is crazy.

now there is a part of me that would normally let this go -- because i'm not confrontational, really.... but there is this other part of me that wonders who messed up and what if the 15 minutes was a big deal to someone else's time table?? i mean for us it means we rush home and then rush to the dentist because that 15 minute buffer is gone. but yeah... idk

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