Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Something for Nothing

Funny how everybody wants something for nothing. Even the richest ppl want something for nothing. And it's downright annoying sometimes. Because these very same folks will condemn poor ppl for receiving foodstamps or housing assistance, or medical because they are getting something for nothing. I'm shaking my head and saying, but you want something for nothing, too. remember when you asked me if you could have a piece of jewelry or a pair of fingerless mitts in exchange for telling folks where you got it? That is something for nothing. Because #1, ppl might not ask and you won't volunteer where you got it so therefore you aren't providing me with possible sales and you refuse to hand them a business card of mine. and #2, recognition doesn't pay the bills ... I still have to pay for supplies to make that "something", so, I lose money.

last week saw me at the end of my run of sales at Scotland By the Yard. They sold quite a few penannular pins for me since last June. I went over to pick up the remainder before they started their going out of business sale, and ended up picking up a few things for future gifts. It will be sad when they finally close their doors for good. Now I have to find another outlet. I have put some of my pins at the White River Yarn shop in White River Junction, Vt. The owner is really sweet and if you ever get the chance to stop in, they have an amazing selection of yarns, and a Tues. and Thurs. night knitting/crocheting time. This coming sat., May 21st. they will be holding a destash (for everything but yarn and fabrics) at the Hotel Coolidge two doors down from their shop. I donated some scrapping supplies.

The Country Cobbler in West Lebanon, NH has bought some of my acorn earrings and is selling them. They have bought other jewelry of mine in the past to sell as well. They have quite a wide variety of things in their store. You should check them out if you are ever in the area.

I've been knitting a sweater for myself -- I never make anything for me anymore -- but it's slow going as I'm not a fast knitter. I needed to make some more fingerless mitts for my etsy site and started to crochet them this morning with some lovely llama wool from the White River Yarn shop. But it seems i've been knitting so long i've forgotten how to crochet, frogged the piece and will have to start again.

well, that's my news from lake wobegone today. hope you are all well.

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