Sunday, January 10, 2016

So yesterday I ordered an anvil, ring and bracelet mandral set and another battery for my battery operated dremel. my son had given me a gift card to amazon for christmas and i put that towards these necessary items. on the one hand, i could have ordered something terribly frivolous -- but i ordered something that will allow me to do my metal working designs in an easier fashion, which in the long run should help me with my business. tools of my trade that everybody doing what i do probably has had for a long time, but that i've learned to work around not having.

it's raining and cold today so i opted to stay in and work on some of my designs. i started hammering at around 11 or 11:15 this morning figuring that my neighbors were probably already up and going for the day. idk how much of my hammering they actually hear downstairs -- next door says they hear nothing -- and they were off at church by the time i started hammering. at any rate, i then heard some movement downstairs and some yelling and figured i had awoken them, so i stopped, until around 1. but i have to tell you that when the urge to get a new design done strikes me it is very difficult to stop. i think although my new place is wonderful in size and light and everything else, it's biggest downfall is that it isn't on the first floor or out somewhere on it's own with no one else attached to it. i guess that will be something i will have to concentrate on for the next apt. i might move into. so much to think about when looking at places to live.

so as a result, not a lot gone done in the metal pins department today. but i did do three loads of laundry!

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