Thursday, April 1, 2010

misfits ...

so this morning i went to have a snack with a friend at panera. this guy and his wife r amazing ppl, with so much of the heart of god in them and so loving to papa god's children -- its just awesomeness!!

at any rate, we always joke around about how "weird" i am -- basically how weird we both r and some of our good friends and how weird they r. we're not conventional christians. u know what i'm talking about -- the ones who go to church on sundays, say hi-dee ho-dee to u and then blow u off for the rest of the week. the ppl who put their money in the bucket and forget about where it might actually being going and what it might actually be doing for other brothers and sisters (and i'm not talking about brothers and sisters as in other christians, but as in other ppl). but see that's where the weirdness comes in because i firmly believe that we're all brother and sisters coz we're all god's children -- yeah i might get hate mail for this ....

so after spending a couple of hours with my friend and talking about how radically different we r and how much we love papa god's ppl and want to be free to express papa god's love to all his children, etc., etc., i came away thinking about the land of the misfit toys and was prepared to write a blog all wrapped around that. and so i googled it and this amazing blog came up:

Jeff McCarty's Blog

and i realized after reading it, that maybe we're not so weird after all. that there r maybe more of us out there than meets the eye. more of us who choose to not just know the stories and understand the theology, but who choose to put it into action. and it made me happy.

i had just said earlier that i was relishing my weirdness and how wonderful it was because papa god made me that way and he loves me that way. and he loves all his children in the wonderful ways that he made them as well. but ppl kept asking me what normal was and i didn't have an answer because i'm weird and i don't really know what normal is. and someone said that normal was the setting on the washing machine. which made me laugh. and isn't that wonderful and weird in its own kind of weirdness way.

so maybe those of us who profess to be weird r really the norm. maybe there r more of us out there that want to just love each other and be in relationship (not the sexual kind but the Koinonia kind) with each other. and its so cool to find other ppl who feel the same way. and so i'm wondering -- how many of us r there?? think of all the ppl we could introduce to papa god by just shining his light and loving on his children. its an awesomeness kind of moment for me ... and so i had to share ...

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