Thursday, February 4, 2010

busy work

i just joined an etsy team called EstyHookers and of course, whenever u join a team u have lots of busy work to do. like set up ur page on their blog site and upload photos there and to flickr and add tags to already existing photos there and at ur etsy shop. so i've spent the last day and a half working on that.

i've also finished another afghan and hat set and started on a fourth one in this run of what seems to be crocheting for baby. maybe there is some secret desire there to have another -- although i know there is -- this will never happen as #1 i'm too old (no more details need be added here) and #2 there is no man in the house (also eliminating details). but crocheting baby items really does make me want to hold a baby right now.

i also have several items that i need to redo the photos on for my etsy site. always trying to improve them and make look better so that customers will want to buy them.

i also had a sale -- and packaged that up and sent it off this morning. discovering that the rates have gone up on plain old ordinary priority mail (much to my dismay). so i guess i need to exchange all those priority mail boxes i just had delivered here for flat rates -- at least for the smaller ones.

i did finish an exceptionally nice piece of jewelry that was special ordered. i do still like doing jewelry -- just seems like that takes a back burner in the winter when i can easily work on crocheted items. but i'm thrilled with the finished product and need to show it off....

its all about butterflies -- which means renewal -- and the beaded sections r done in threes to represent the trinity. i really love the way it turned out and made matching earrings to go with the necklace. i was inspired!!

well its back to the busy work. still lots to do. its after 12 noon and i still haven't had a shower. and there will be lots of running around after i pick up my daughter at school. should be a good productive day!!


Anonymous said...

I love the new afghan set! soooo cute!

BINA said...

thanks so much -- working on another new one that is all really bright colors. probably not at all what anyone would expect for a baby afghan!!

PACountry said...

That baby afghan looks so cozy!
I had the same thing with the small Priority boxes, too. :(